Player Code of Conduct

Each player has a responsibility to:

  1. Practice and play with enthusiasm and with a commitment to improve one’s skills, those of teammates, both individually and as part of a team.
  2. Refrain from dangerous behaviour, in practices and games, and take an active part in ensuring that practices and games take place in a safe environment.
  3. Refrain from engaging in horseplay and other conduct that presents a risk of injury to others or that demeans others.
  4. Recognize that playing a team sport requires a commitment to the team in such ways as: being reliable in one’s attendance for practices and games; giving adequate notice of unavoidable absences from practices and games; being on time; being supportive of teammates, particularly those less skillful; being attentive during practices and games.
  5. Refrain from unsportsmanlike play or manner.
  6. Refrain from criticism of opponents (during or after games).
  7. Refrain from criticism of referees or other game officials (e.g., line officials).
  8. Uniforms and footwear shall be worn in accordance with the standards laid down by the league or Soccer Club in which teams are playing. All participants shall wear shin guards at all games or practices.